do 22. 10. 2017 / Open call: The Brno Artists in Residence Program autumn 2017

Dům umění města Brna vyhlašuje otevřenou výzvu na dva podzimní rezidenční pobyty v rámci Brno Artists in Residence: trvání po dobu jednoho měsíce (polovina listopadu až polovina prosince), jeden pobyt určen pro umělce, druhý pro kurátora. 

Místo: Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Brno.
Termín uzávěrky je 22. 10. 2017 ve 23.59.

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The Brno Artists in Residence Program autumn 2017

We search for: 1x artist; 1x curator

Time shedule: November – December

1 month residency stay (mid of November to mid of December – dates on discussion)

Location: The Brno House of Arts, House of the Lords of Kunštát, Dominikánská 9, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Deadline for application in English/Czech: Sunday 22th of October 2017 till 23:59

We are open to all media of visual arts.

We are proud to announce the open call for artist and curator in residence in The Brno House of Arts, Czech Republic!

The Brno Artis in Residence is bright new project of The Brno House of Art. Since 2017 the residency program has become one of the key constituents of the Brno House of Arts concept. The third floor of the House of the Lords of Kunštát, refurbished so that to accommodate the residency program, offers facilities for the stay and work of artists in two studios.


The Brno House of Arts international residency program has been launched with the objective to develop opportunities for an exchange of ideas and opinions between the Czech and international arts scenes, and for further expanding the current position of The Brno House of Arts as a complex intermediator of contemporary art towards an active artistic environment.

Visual artists in various disciplines, curators and researchers in the field of contemporary art, architects and designers are invited to take part in the residencies. The residency is conceived as a medium for the realization of artistic projects and experiments, as a format for artistic activities that need not necessarily lead to an exhibition in the traditional sense of the word, but also to other means of presentation. Research projects mapping the environment and introducing new stimuli, and especially socially engaged projects that induce further discussion, are most welcome.

The presentations of works can have various form – presentations, debates, performances, etc. are organized on an individual basis. Residency program has closer interconnection with the Gallery G99 as a space for the presentation of selected residents’ works in form of exhibitions.

If you have further questions please contact us via e-mail (in English or Czech).

Required documents to be submit in English/Czech in PDF:

Short introduction letter (max. 900 characters) – can be send in body of e-mail

A) CV with contact details (e-mail + phone number) – pdf!

B) Portfolio or link to website with previous artistic experience – pdf!

C) Project proposal (max. 2 norm pages) – pdf!


The Brno House of Arts provides:

1                      Artist fee: 8 500 CZK

2                      Accommodation for one month

3                      Studio for artist (curator will be not provided with studio)

4                      PR activities (fb, gallery website)

5                      Available technical equipment for work: Handy recorder, camera, tripod, projector + workshop tools

Artistis obligate:

1                      To stay in Brno for 75 % of overall time

3                      Participate on program organize by The Brno House of Arts for its residents

4                      Communication languages are English and Czech

5                      The artist undertakes to elaborate a final report with photographic documentation from the course of the residency


Application should be sent via e-mail in 3x PDF form to

Videos/films – we recommend to provide links to your own website, Vimeo page, youtube page, etc.

Please do not send video files.


Applications in English will be accepted until Sunday 22th of October 2017 (till 23:59)

Results of the Open Call will be announced on the end of October.

All the participants will be informed about results via e-mail.

Project is supported by The City of Brno and by Czech Ministry of Culture.

The Brno House of Arts reserves the right to modify or cancel the project.

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